Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Hunt

Tayden finally went on his first hunt with Scott! He has been looking forward to this day for years and was beyond thrilled when it rolled around. And they even got a deer! He loved spending time with his dad and grandpa, but he really wished there would have been more walking involved. He thought they were going in an actual forest, so the lack of trees was a surprise. Turns out he loves donuts like Scotf and ate most the box. And even got to have a coke as long as he didn't tell his mom. When I asked what his favorite part was, he said kicking the deer down the hill. For some reason, he found that so comical. Having an all boys trip in the mountains made his heart happy. And when that boy is happy, so is this mom. And I was even happier when he came home safe and sound. (I may have bawled like a little baby when he left....) I'm so glad we are in Idaho and Scott can share these experiences with our boys and pass on the family tradition. 

This picture of three generations doing what they love warms my heart. It's just so special. 

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