Thursday, May 18, 2017


There are moments in life when it's hard to deny the joy around you. Not fleeting happiness, but deep down inside joy. I'm lucky enough that I experienced it twice in the past two weeks. 

I was watering my flowers during Kyles nap when Beckett and Cache came out. They bugged me to spray them, just a little, so I did. Next thing I knew they came running out in their swimming suits begging to play in the water. My initial response was no, but there was no reason not to, so I said sure. We played in the back yard for over and hour. They boys kept commenting how so much fun it was and they were having the best day of their lives. Just hearing them laugh as I sprayed them in the sunshine filled my heart with joy. 

The second moment of joy came completely unexpected and I was doing one of my least favorite chores...folding laundry. I was finishing up with the socks and called the boys in to help. One thing lead to another and the next 30 minutes was spent on my bed in a crazy sock fight tickle war. Being surrounded by my boys and listening to their fun was a dream. I never want to forget that moment. 

I'm grateful for my moments of joy. And I'm grateful for my family that provides them to me. 

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