Saturday, December 17, 2016


Meet Luna. Our new sweet goldendoodle puppy. 

 We wrapped up some pictures of her and told the boys that we had one Christmas gift they could open early. They saw the pictures and were a little confused. I finally said that she was waiting for us and we needed to go pick her up. They flipped and started jumping up and down, yelling with pure delight. I think that was the fastest we have ever load up in the car. We headed to Walmart to let the boys pick out a collar and toy, then braved the snow storm to pick her up. seriously though, it dropped eight inches of snow and took twice as long to get her, but we simply could not wait. 

We bought her from my cousin who owns her mom. She had a sweet little bow tied around her neck and Remi (mom) tried and tried her best to take it off. I'm excited to take her back to visit her mom every now and then. 

Tayden and his pure joy smile. 

She loves to play in the snow, which is lucky since we have so much of it. The boys loved having her out to play with them. 

Scott was so nice and shoveled a potty area for her. 

We've known for about 5 weeks that we were going to her and keeping the secret from the boys was torture. But now that they have her and I see how much they love her already, makes it totally worth it. I'm excited for them to experience all the love a dog has to offer. Not that they didn't already have a dog, but we all know Tanner is less than excited about the kids. So that's where Luna comes in and I can't wait to see how their relationship develops. And let's be honest, I wanted this dog as much...if not more...than the boys did. 

She's so sweet. We've only had her a day, so she's pretty docile still. I'm not sure if that will stick or not, but we are enjoying it right now. She likes to cuddle and the boys do a good job making sure she has plenty of cuddle options. She's doing really well going potty outside and whines when she needs to go. Now, we just need to teach her to go to the door. 

Welcome to the family, Luna. I think you're going to be the perfect fit.

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