Thursday, October 13, 2016

Four Years of Cache

I had every intent of writing earlier than today, but wouldn't you know it...we got sick. Rather, Scott got sick. That is how we seem to do it at our house. We save all the sickies until it is the most inconvenient time as possible, like when some has their tonsils removed or breaks an arm. But, Scott was seriously sick. He laid in bed and hid in our room for almost three days. He had body aches, off and on fever and flat out felt like he got hit by a bus. So helping him, dealing with Caches tonsil recovering and trying to entertain three other boys left little time for blogging. But tonight, I have a minute, so I'll catch up.

Cache is recovering. He has his good hours and his bad hours. The first four days were cake. He was up running, eating, sleeping pretty well and overall handling it like a champ. Day five hit yesterday and it hit hard. He lost his voice, has zero appetite and sleep is less than pleasant. As long as he is on meds and has his favorite show to watch, we've been okay...but if one of those two things is interrupted, he's pretty weepy. I just keep telling myself it will be worth it.

His birthday was yesterday. He is officially four years old. I can't believe how far he has come. I sat with the boys and read them Caches birth story from my handy blog book, and was immediately sick to my stomach. The NICU experience was so hard and I have pushed many of those memories out of my mind, but reading it was like reliving it and my heart broke. I held him a little tighter and thanked our Heavenly Father for this healthy boy. And speaking of healthy, we went to the doctor for his well check and he is just that, healthy! He has grown quite a bit over the last year. He is 39.25 inches tall and 34.2 lbs. The doctors like to see at least 2 inches a year and he grew almost 4! He went from the 10% to the 30% for height, so I was super excited. He stayed around the 30-40% for weight, so we were pleased with that as well.

Caches birthday was pretty low key. He got the minecraft cake he wanted. Its a good thing kids are easy to please because the cake was not my best work. He hung out at home, went to the doctor and opened presents when Dad got home. I wanted to do something special for dinner, but because he can't eat much my options were limited. I settled on a very soft grilled cheese sandwich with rainbow cheese. It was a hit, even though he only had one small bite.

Cache is just the best. We all love him to the moon and back. He is smart and funny and very in tune with the world around him. He loves minecraft...a gift from his older brothers, to help me cook, wrestling and is super fast. He is opinionated about everything, but nothing more than what he wants to wear. I can't not imagine my life without our spunky four year old.

Kyle also had his well check with Cache this week. He is officially 18 months and my mind is blown. He is 32.25 inches tall and weights in at almost 26 pounds. Hes heavier than he is tall on the percentile scale, but I don't remember the exact facts. Ky is everything naughty and mischievous. He likes to climb and loves to get his way. If Mom tells him no its a total meltdown, but he handles it well from others. He frustrates easy and has little patience, which can be exhausting. But...he is a cuddler and loves his mama. He is funny and mimics his older brothers on a daily basis. He looks just like a mini Beckett and we all find an immense amount of joy from the baby. Its funny, because as naughty as he can be, I still find myself totally enamored by this child.

He instisted on these pictures after he watched Cache hold up his fingers. 

It's be a crazy week, with nothing to show for the craziness. I'm sure we'll come out the other side of this...and hopefully in one piece! But until then, I'll enjoy this ride, because this is the life I built...and I'm pretty darn happy with it.

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Megan said...

Beckett and Kyle are TWINS!! Happy birthday to Cache! I hope next week is less crazy and that the rest of his recovery is kind to you