Friday, October 7, 2016

Caches Tonsillectomy

Cache couldn't let his brothers have all the fun, so today he jumped on the tonsillectomy train and got his tonsils and adenoids removed. He was great going into the hospital and loved the fun one on one time with Mom and Dad. He wasn't too happy about having to change into the hospital clothes, but once he got over it, he was great. He went back with the doctors without any tears and I was so proud. I wish I could say I didn't shed any tears, but when it comes to my kids...I'm a basket case. I held it together pretty well, but watching him be so tough was making me less tough. 

Waking up was less than easy. He struggled for a few minutes, but once he was in my arms he snuggled in and calmed down. The IV and different moniters on him were bugging him immensely, so as soon as he was cord free, he was in much better spirits. After a slushy and pain meds, we were on our way home and cache could not have been happier. 

He's been doing great today and I've practically had to sit on him to make him hold still. Though day three and four are traditionally the hardest. He was starving when he got home. He ate 2 scrambled eggs, 3 bowls of yogurt, 1 banana and 3 popscicles! He insisted he was still starving, but I made him wait and give his belly a rest. 

This really isn't the most fun experience, but I am crossing my fingers for a healthier fall and winter this year. I can see how much Tayden and Beckett have benefited from the surgery and hope that Cache has the same luck. 

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