Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bad Bet

Our summer adventures took a wrong turn the other night at the horse races. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting. While the actually racing was fun to watch, they took about 15 minutes between races and my kids didn't really have the patience for it. Plus, we were at the top of the Grand Stands and our baby Kyle has found his climbing skills and was all over the place. Containing the child is nearly impossible and he screams on the top of his lungs anytime he doesn't get his way, so that's fun. Oh, and Cache...I made him wear shoes, so I'm officially the worst mom ever. And Beckett just wanted to do something fun...so basically it was a nightmare. 

Tayden was super funny though when they were introducing the horses. The racers were walking the horses in a circle and Tayden comes over to me and said, "I thought the races were going to be way faster!" It was so funny. I love him. 

We were right close to the speakers and they were so loud! Hence the boys in the background. 

The horse races were a bust, but Tayden and I sure lucked out on a date this week. I was out watering my flowers last night and Tayden came out and started chatting. He was supposed to be in bed, but having a hard time sleeping. So as we were outside talking we heard our neighbors backyard movie party going on. I knew about it, but didn't tell my kids because I didn't really want to take them. But, Tayden asked if we could go, while his brothers slept and on a whim I said yes! So, we grabbed our bean bags and blankets and walked over to the movie. It was so awesome. We cuddled and watched a movie together. It was one on one time that we so desperately needed. It's fun being able to share those special moments with my oldest son and do independent things with him. Because the boys are so close in age I tend to lump them together, and forget to treat them individually. The movie was awesome and by far the best choice I could have made.

And a quick story for the road. Scott was outside working while I was downstairs exercising. I came up to find Beckett sound asleep on the couch. I asked my husband what was going on with B and he had no idea. I tried to wake Beckett up, but he was completely incoherent. We laughed and laughed as I took him back to bed.

I'm glad I didn't bet on the horse races being a win. But that's what these summer adventures are about, finding new things we enjoy...And even the things we don't. 

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