Sunday, May 1, 2016

Catch Up

Here's a catch up on the kidlets. 

Tayden. Poor, sweet Tayden. He has strep again. He had a field trip Thursday. I met him at a park for lunch and could tell something wasn't quite right. I asked if he was okay, he insured me he was. He got home and was freezing and immediately laid down to rest. I knew something was wrong when he came upstairs crying and refusing to go to swimming lessons. Sure enough, he had a fever and went to bed early that night. Friday, he had a small sore throat and a slight headache. He stayed home from school, but still played most the day. Fast forward to Saturday night, after a full day of play, he came in with a super goopy eye and was still exhausted. My heart was telling me something was off and as I did some research on pink eye, I came across strep in the eye. I knew it was strep. We took him to urgent care this morning and considering how healthy he seemed, they looked at me like I was crazy when I requested a strep test. Sure enough, it turned up positive. This is his fourth case in six months. Needless to say, we will be heading to the ENT to get his tonsils yanked. 

Luckily, this has been a mild case of strep and didn't stop him from setting up the dinosaur adventure land over the weekend. He and I took a little mid day date and bought some plants and supplies. 

We worked so hard on the river. 

Happy campers. 

And I have to include some close ups, because I love the way they play. 

Tayden took this picture. He is so proud of his work.

And while helping him set it up and get situated...I may or may not have forgotten about my last batch of chocolate chip cookies. Oops. 

Beckett. Oh, how I love Beckett. He is something else. He is emotional. He feels everything strongly. When he is happy, he is happy. When he is sad, he is sad. Mad, he is mad. I feel like these days he is pushing every button I have and some I didn't know even existed. He is strong headed and makes a mess everywhere he goes. He's like pigpen from the Peanuts comic. But, for every tantrum, there are two sweet hugs and smile. There are multiple jokes, and laughs and those bright blue eyes that steal my heart. Beckett has always been and continues to be the most caring kid I know. He gives and gives to brothers, no matter how upset it makes Beckett. He's the first to ask if someone is okay and lend a helping hand. He is kind of like a candy sour patch kid. Sour, then sweet. He brightens my life to no end. 

His preschool teacher warned the parents that she would be taking pictures for a special Mother's Day gift at preschool. I told Beckett he needed to wear something nice and he came out looking so handsome. 

Look at this kid! I could eat him. 

I asked how he was going to smile for Mrs. Kymm. He gave me this...I'm hoping he went a different direction. 

Classic Beckett cold shoulder. 

Beckett is constantly doing crazy things we shake our head at. This particular day he was his bike down the incline in our backyard. He is the silliest. I love the happiness on his face. 

Cache. Will not stop growing up. It's driving me crazy. I feel like he has taken a huge leap and is turning into a little boy. He is phasing out of the toddler stage and it's breaking my heart. He is hilarious and so aware of his surroundings. He copies his brothers and says the funniest things. Two of my favorites are "Are you kidding me?" and "Holy Ka-mokes!" (A combination of holy smokes and holy kamoly) He is really starting to reason with me and is making stronger arguments that are hard to decline. He is an independent cuss and it's been fun watching his self pride increase. 

He dressed himself this day. Oh and he love worms. Really, loves worms. 

This silly pose cracks me up. 

Kyle. Kyle can do no wrong. The baby cliche is strong with this one. The baby really is spoiled. He is babied and gets pretty much anything he wants. Everyone celebrates his milestones and loves watching him achieve new things. He is sleeping like a champ these days. He only wakes up once a night and sometimes not at all. He is napping great, too. It's been a game changer for me. He is so observant. He watches everything a mimics it all. He places socks on his feet and tries to hit a ball with a bat, among other things.I could watch him all day long. 

He really loves the dino adventure land too. 

And eating dirt. 

Oh, and this tongue thing. He's been sticking out his tongue a lot and thinks it's hilarious. And he's right, it's so funny. 

And two random picture for the road because Sunday evening was so great. Baseball and jumping I'm the tramp with my husband. 

So that's the catch up. My kids are for growing and healthy...for the most part. And I'm so grateful. 



The Gray Gang said...

Dino land makes my heart happy!!!

Sheena said...

I seriously can't get over how much I love the Dinoland! So fun!