Friday, April 15, 2016

School Lunch Date

The boys and I surprised Tayden for lunch the other day. I was supposed to be dropping off a lunchable since we ran out of lunch groceries, but when we walked into the store and Beckett saw the Chinese self serve food, he begged for it and I thought it'd be fun to surprise Tayden for lunch. So that is what we did. We scooped up a bunch of orange chicken and some rice and headed to the school. Tayden was surprised, but happy to have us. 

Tayden and his buddy, Austin. 

I can not believe this gobber is in 1st grade! 

The weather was nasty outside, so they had indoor recess. It consists of walking around the hall. 

Having lunch with this boy was sure an eye opener. I had quite a few girls tell me they had crushes on my son, or telling me who did. He also had a little girl following him around asking him to hold his hand! He politely declined. This age is really starting to discover the opposite sex and I am not quite sure how I feel it. But Tayden reassures me he doesn't have a girlfriend and doesn't want one for a long time. 

It was fun to see him in a different element and interact with different friends. We really belong to a great community with a wonderful school. 

It was a fun surprise for everyone. 

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