Friday, March 11, 2016

Week of 3/5-3/12

Something worth mentioning, Scott is back in school!  Its so exciting and he is doing great. He will eventually get his degree in Industrial Engineering. And because of that, he has been a little bit of a computer hog at times. Which, obviously, is the most important thing. But even if he didn't hog the computer this week, I probably wouldn't have blogged because not much happened. So, enjoy our week in pictures!

 Scott bought the boys a four wheeler. They are loving it and can't wait to get the second one....yes second one, lucky boys! 

My dad bought the boys a tent...its been in my living room for almost a week. They can't get enough of it. A cute story about Cache: This morning in the car I was singing a primary song and Cache asked how I knew that song. I told him I was in Primary. He laughed and told me I wasn't. I assured him I was. He replied, "No you not. You in the car, silly Mom!!" Oh, this boy.

Scott is insulating the boys room. We're making some serious progress!

My bedroom is getting closer and closer to being finished. 

Tanner had a rough few days last week and we thought he was a goner for sure, but he made it out alive and has been back to his normal crazy self. 

Ky loves to be outside and has started walking this week. Small steps, but steps none the less. 

We experienced our first black eye. Cache and Beckett bonked heads the other day and B walked away with a little shiner.

And that wraps up our week. Not much, but great none the less. 

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