Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Whole Bunch of Firsts

This week has been full of firsts. 

On Sunday, the Packards basically ran primary. Cache gave the prayer, Beckett the scripture and Tayden the talk. The older two have participated before, but it was Cache's first time at the mic. He did awesome. It was, however, Taydens first time writing a talk by himself. 

He wrote "The Prophet keep us safe. Our prophet is President Monson. He tell us things to do like food storage and the word of wisdom. (Then he got the really good idea to start drawing pictures to help him remember the words. Which actually made it harder to read, but he didn't mind.) He helps our spirits stay safe too by telling us things like pray and read the Book of Mormon. Next week is conference. We can listen to President Monson."

It was the best talk I have ever heard. They all did so great and my heart just was bursting with pride.

It was also the first week of swimming lessons. Tayden did swimming lessons one summer while we were visiting from Las Vegas, but he was three and didn't love them. This go around is much much much better. Both Tayden and Beckett are loving every second. 

Beckett hurt his toe, seconds before this picture, so he had to use his marsh mellow guns for crutches...naturally.

Fun story. Cache got sick on the way to Tuesdays swimming lessons. So we experienced our first in car vomit. Less than awesome. So he had puke all over his jacket and pants. And since the other boys were so excited to go to their first session, I didn't want to make them miss. So, I striped Cache down to his shirt, unders and socks--put him in the stroller and covered him with a jacket. He sat the whole 30 minutes, then promptly threw up again once we got in the car. 

Turns out we had a stomach bug. Beckett had got sick the Sunday before, but then got better and nobody seemed phased by it, so I thought it was a fluke. Then Saturday, Ky got sick with the throw ups and diarrhea, just as Beckett. Tuesday rolls around and Cache gets the bug. And Tuesday night, Tayden. After talking to a few people around the neighborhood, this lovely bug is going around. So it rolled through all the kids and we are hoping that Mom and Dad steer clear.    

And, probably my favorite first of the week...drum roll....Beckett learned the SW blend. He was fronting SW with F, so he would say "Fimming" or "Featy". Then out of the blue, after weeks and weeks of working on this blend he said, "Feel my head. It's sweaty." I dropped everything I was doing and asked him to say it again. "My head is sweaty!" I screamed for joy and we called Scott and my mom. I like to make a big deal out of these achievements. He was so proud of himself and its one more sound he can add to his sound vocab. 

Last first, Tayden typed up his first report. They wrote it in class and then were assigned to type it up at home. He did the whole thing by himself. I only helped with the underlining and indents. He did awesome. 

Its been a fun week of new things! 

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