Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Big Boy Stats

The big boys had their annual well checks today. They are healthy and growing. At seven years old, Tayden is 50 inches tall (80%) and 48.6 lbs (40%). Translation, tall and skinny.

At five year old Beckett is 45.5 inches tall (90%) and outweighs Tayden at 49.2 lbs (90%). Translation, a tank.

As always, the doctor was an adventure with Beckett. Pulling his long sleeve up to take his blood pressure wasn't working, so the nurse asked him to take his arm out of his shirt. He went crazy. No way did he want anyone to see him kind of naked. I finally convinced him to trade shirts with Tayden to get his blood pressure done. Luckily, Tayden does what he does and made it work. They promptly traded shirts again after it was done.

The shots were even worse. Beckett had to get his last set before Kindergarten and totally freaked out. I am normally pretty good at Beckett, but even I couldn't calm him down or get him to hold still. I finally had to hold him down. Like lay on him. He can throw his almost 50 lb self around pretty good and it was a like taming a wild lion. The only thing I could do was hold his arms and lay on him while the nurse grabbed his legs. His screaming was so loud the doctor came in and checked on us to see if there was anything he could do to help. By that point, we were done and the only thing left I could do was hug my terrified boy and do my best to comfort him. Glad to be done with vaccines until he is 11.

I had Cache in tow, so of course he chatted the doctors ear off. But my favorite comment was, "Hey Doctor. Jesus wants me for a sunbeam". We have the worlds best doctor and he replied, "You bet he does. I can guarantee it."

It was an eventful day, but we made it and they are healthy. So I'll call it a success.

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