Saturday, January 30, 2016

Party Time

Today was the day. The day Tayden has been looking forward to all week. His friend party. And Beckett must have really wanted to started the day off with a bang. On his head. They were downstairs skating boarding and scootering. Beckett decided to take his helmet off and try to do the skateboard on his knees. It didn't go over so well and he biffed it pretty hard. 

He got scraped up good.

After that drama was over, we got to the fun part of the day. I relinquished as much control as I am capable of and let the boys help with Taydens cupcake tower. It turned out cute and Tayden was happy with the finished project. 

We sat around all day waiting until the magic hour of 2:00. Once it finally rolled around, kids started pouring in. Out of the wood works really. Turns out Tayden made a few of his own invitations and handed them out without my knowledge. We were expecting 5-6 kids. 10 showed up. Funny kid.

Sticking with the Star Wars theme, we had Jedi training for the kids. Here they are lined up waiting to tackle the balloon obstacle course. 

Once they were finished, we let them go crazy in the unfinished section of the basement. Sometimes I wonder it its more useful staying unfinished.

Scott was such a rock star today. He did the game, the light sabers for the kids and made goody bags to go home. He also made one awesome Darth Vader. 

The minute he walked in the kids started pounding him. It was hilarious. 

Tayden opening gifts with his side kicks. Warms my heart that in front of all his friends, he let Beckett and Cache be right there in the middle of it. He is such a good big brother. 

It was much harder than I anticipated getting a picture of the whole group.

All in all it was a successful day and the kids had fun.
I'm just glad this is an every other year event. 

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