Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Vegas, an Elk and some Strep

Two weeks ago I spent a lovely weekend in Vegas for a girls weekend. And I would have loved to blog about it sooner, but two days after I arrived home I got strep and Scott headed out for his last hunting trip of the season. It's been a whirl wind of crazy the past two weeks, but I finally have a minute to document a few pictures of my epic weekend. 

The flight to Vegaa was great. Kyle and I got a whole row to ourselves and he snoozed about 95% of the flight. When I landed, Melissa and Chelsea surprised me and I burst into tears the minute I saw them. We hit lunch at Skinny Fats, which was amazing, and then hung out at Melissa's the rest of the day. 

Honestly, the whole weekend was so great we hardly took any pictures. We just enjoyed ourselves and played until we couldn't anymore. We we went out to dinner a couple times, hit our favorite breakfast joint, got pedicures, were spiritually uplifted at a RS meeting and even scored free Criss Angel tickets. It was the best weekend and I cried harder than the first time I left them a year ago. 

Me, Kacy Hasting, Chelsea Mann, Sheena Perry, Breann Campbell, Melissa Turney, Cori Gage.

Criss Angel was a crazy magic show and slightly terrifying. It was like a strange rock concert magic show. But our seats were amazing, 6th row front and center, and he was a great performer. But more than anything it was fun being with my friends. 

I love the girls. I anticipated this weekend for so long and I can't believe it's over already. Seeing these pictures breaks my heart all over. I can not express the sisterhood I feel with these women. But I am grateful for it and grateful for an eternal friendship with them. I know that we'll always be close and no matter how long I am away will never be too long. 

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