Saturday, November 28, 2015

Snow Grateful

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. It was great to be among family and enjoy all the things the Lord has given us. The older I get the more and more thankful I become. I am able to see things for face value and appreciate both the small and large things in my life more fully. I am blessed to have a healthy family and kids. That to me is the biggest blessing of all. Every day I love being a mom more than the day before. My boys are my life. 

I have a wonderful husband. He works harder than anyone I know. He always provides for us temporally and spiritually, and makes sure we are taken care of. He is a worthy priesthood holder and leads our family in faith.

I am grateful for the path of our Father. I love being back in Idaho and providing the life I so desperately wanted for the boys. I love our home, our neighborhood, our city. I love where we live. I know we are here because we were lead by a Heavenly Hand. 

I am thankful for the trivial things. My stove, the car, warm blankets, shoes, etc. I just feel so blessed.

We spent the day in Inkom with Scotts family. The boys had a wonderful time playing in the snow at Grandma and Grandpa Packards house. 

But first, some sweet pictures of baby Kyle. I love this boy madly. 

I love this picture of him and Tayden. Kyle is so busy and it shows his little moving personality perfectly. 

Tayden loves being a big brother and loves the baby fiercely.

Now to the snow. 

The boys love cousin Aimslee. 

The timing of this picture was too good not to share. Tayden was getting ready to make a snow angel and I caught him mid fall.

After Thanksgiving, we enjoyed white Friday. Much better than any black Friday.

Cache working hard bringing in snow. 

Beckett drawing his name in the snow. 

The boys enjoyed a day out with Dad building a snow wall. 

The cold fun didn't end there. We went to the light parade tonight. It was freezing and we only got a small handful of pictures and it was a fun memory. 

Its been a great Thanksgiving break and we're enjoying the change of seasons.
Makes being Idaho even more wonderful. 

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