Monday, October 19, 2015

Fall Frolic

Taydens school does a major fundraiser each year called the fall frolic. It was a total hit among the kids. 

There was food, games, prizes, crafts and reptiles! It was a party and they loved every minute. 

Digging for dinosaurs.

Tayden, Baymax and Hallie. 

Had to document Ky out of the stroller. Hah.

Cache was going 100 mph in the reptile room. He loved every second and was telling everyone about all the different animals. 

Holding the python. 

See the guy with the tattoo? Cache walked up to him touching his tattoo and said, "My like your lion picture on yours arm." It was so funny. 

Ky and sunshine the snake. 

I love Taydens school and how much family involvement there is. It was a fun night. 

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