Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fair fun

As I was talking to my friend this week, I swore we weren't going to the fair. A million people, plus four boys and a stressed out dad did not sound like a good time. But when Scott proposed the idea to me and promised up and down he wouldn't stress out and we'd have fun, I decided to go along with the idea. 

Turns out he was right. It was fun. The kids enjoyed petting the horses, looking at the cows and goats, eating fair food dinner and dessert and they even walked away with a goldfish. Quick story about the goldfish. Tayden saw the win a goldfish game and we decided to let them play. As we were standing in line two kids, about ten years old, asked the boys if they wanted the fish they just won. The boys were estatic and quickly said yes. I thanked them for their kindness and they were on their way. It's so good to see good kids. 

Even though there was a legion of people, I'm glad we went. It was reminiscent of my childhood and made me love Idaho even more. 

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