Sunday, June 28, 2015

Drive Inn

Friday night was memory making night for the Packard family. I stepped WAY outside my comfort zone and we went to the Drive Inn. I'm so schedule and sleep oriented that the thought of letting my kids start a movie at 9:45 really freaked me out. But I decided to let loose and enjoy the wonders of childhood and make some memories with the kids. So Scott threw the bean bags in the back of the truck and I loaded the kids in the car and we were off. 

One quick stop at walgreens to get some candy and we were ready. 

Ironically, we parked next to our little neighbor boy who Tayden and Beckett had been playing with all day. He hopped in with us for a bit and it was one giant party. 

Tayden and Cache made it through the whole movie. Beckett fell asleep with about 30 minutes left. I had to carry 50 pounds of dead Beckett weight to the car and attempt to load him in the car. I got him in and told him to walk to the back to his car seat. He immediately crumbled to the floor, sound asleep. It was hilarious. 

It was a great night. Its hard for me to let go, but on this night, I'm so glad I did. My kids won't be little forever and I totally intend on soaking them up. I think summer might not be so bad after all.  

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Sheena said...

Oh I LOVE the drive in! Looks like a fun night :)