Monday, January 12, 2015


After three weeks of sickies, we finally made it back to church. Beckett survived his first day of sunbeams. He didn't want to go because, "all that singing gives me headaches." And he insisted it was just too boring for him. He had moments of excitement, but they faded quickly. He relucktently decided to go, however I had to sit with him during opening exercises. Which was fun for me because Tayden got to say the prayer and said how thankful he was that Beckett could be there with him. After I left he must have been fine because I didn't see him again until after church was over. When I picked him up his teacher said he did great and he told us it was a good day. 

How he feels about photo shoots.

How he feels when I tell him how big and handsome he looks and I need a good picture to send to his Texas cousins. 

All in all it was a successful Sunday! 

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