Sunday, January 4, 2015


My fabulous friend Melissa, whom I look up to immensely, did the one little word challenge for 2015. Its basically picking one word and working on that through out the year. I thought it was a great idea and decided to take the challenge my self. The word I chose for the year is EMBRACE.

I find this word especially fitting for me this year. With the job change, relocation, new baby, and housing circumstance I think it would be easy to fall into the trap of merely surviving and accepting my current situation. I don't want to just get by this year. I want to take all the challenges and learn to embrace them and grow from them. And fill my days with genuine happiness.

This also includes embracing daily challenges. Messy faces, non stop ninja moves, the laundry that piles up and so on and so forth. I am ready to face them head on with a good attitude.

Not only do I want embrace the bad, but the good too. All to often to I make the mistake by rushing through the good. I want to slow down and take in the happy moments with my family. Enjoy the little moments and focus on embracing the memory.

Four days into this challenge and its already been just that…a challenge. I caught a major case of the stomach flu and was out for about a day and a half. Then passed it on to my kids, who were just getting over a yucky cold. And I mean just getting over, they were healthy for about a day. Its hard to embrace being sick or even worse, having sick kids.  I do feel I seceded in one case though.

Tayden woke up last night with an ear ache from his cold... he got the stomach bug today. Not even a day of health for him. Poor guy. It was about 9:45 when he came to Scott and I complaining that he couldn't sleep. I pulled out the tylenol and put a few drops of olive oil in his ear. I could have very easily sent him back to bed and finished enjoyed the rest of the evening with Scott. But instead, I pulled him up on lap and let him watch a movie with us for awhile. I'm a major time/schedule/sleep keeper, so this went against my grain to keep him up. But it was so great to sit and cuddle him and embrace that moment. I was proud of myself and glad we got to share that hour together. Plus, he slept in and took a nap this afternoon, so it all worked out fine. Sometimes I need those reminders to let loose and enjoy those small moments. 

I'm excited to embrace this year and hope by focusing on one small word that I'll be able to stick too it and truly make a change.  

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