Saturday, December 27, 2014

Idaho Lifestyle

Idaho is providing the type of lifestyle I've wanted for my boys for a long time. They have space, are experiencing seasons and getting a chance to be outdoors. While the winter can be cold and miserable at times, the boys are enjoying themselves and love experiencing new things. So far we've enjoyed: 

The kids love playing in the snow. Almost more than anything. So when it finally snowed again on Christmas, they were more than happy. Luckily, they have a fun aunt that took them out so I didn't have to. 

Scott's grandparents have a nice big backyard and are kind enough to let us come play whenever we'd like. Today, we took the boys out sledding behind the ranger. They had the time of their lives. Cache only made it a couple laps and then came to ride inside with Scott and I. He loved it and enjoyed driving with his dad. 

When I said boys, I wasn't just talking about my sons. My husband has had a blast hunting rabbits with his dad. When we were first married I didn't understand hunting. I was actually a pretty big brat about it and made going hard on him. But when we moved to Las Vegas and our marriage matured, I could tell how much he missed going. And oddly enough, I was sad my sons weren't growing up watching their dad hunt. I didn't know just how much I wanted that lifestyle for my kids. But now that we are back, Scott has been able to go a few times and he has loved it. And I love letting him go. 

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