Monday, September 8, 2014

The switch

We made the switch! Tayden is now in morning kindergarten. It started as a track change request to get on the track that will allow us to go home to Idaho for a few weeks during the summer. I was beyond thrilled when it was approved. And when they told us they had an AM spot available, I was over the moon. 

Tayden started his new class this morning and not to my surprise he did great. He wasn't nervous about starting with a new teacher or class and marched right into his class like no big deal. I am so incredibley proud of my independent little boy. 

That indepence rubbed off on Beckett today. After dropping Tayden off at kindergarten, we headed straight to speech. As we got in the car Beckett told me, "how about you just drop me off at speech today." I was dumbfounded. He went into speech all alone and was kind of miffed when he came out and noticed I had stayed in the waiting room the whole time. He muttered under his breath that I was supposed to leave, but greeted me with a small hug anyway. His therapist said he did great solo and probably had his best session. It was hard for me not to be there, but again, I am so incredibly proud of my independent little boy. 

AM kindergarten proved to be a success. It follows my schedule so much better. We had lunch after school, then normal rest and routine. The rest of the day was a dream. I'm sure we would have survived PM kinder and even found a new groove, but I'm grateful we were able to make the switch. 

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