Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

Labor Day was great this year. Spending the day with my family was great, but the evening BBQ was icing on the cake. I love our Las Vegas family and an evening at Spring Mountain Ranch with them was just what I needed. 

I never get tired of these mountains. 

Paige and Beckett. Young love. 

The kids playing with "Uncle Matt". Scott's little brother is named Matt and Beckett picked up the habit of calling our LV Matt, "Uncle Matt". It's actually very heartwarming and couldn't be closer to the truth. Our friends here are as close as family and it's fun to have a fun uncle to play with. 

Shawn hacked my phone and we photobombed his photobomb. It sums up our friendship perfectly. 

Happy Labor Day. From my peeps to yours 

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