Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sad news and gratitude

This weekend I was made aware of a tragic accident in chubbuck involving a five year old little girl. She and her parents were visiting some friends and while in another room she was shot and killed by another five year old. My heart sank. Later on in the day, I was surfing the internet and came across the article from the local news. I opened it up and staring back at me was the familiar face of her mother. I know the mom to this sweet angel. I literally gasped in horror and dropped the iPad to the bed. I worked with Stacie, the mother, when Scott and I were first married. We taught preschool together. And she left a lasting impression on me. 

I am 100s of miles away mourning with her. Trying to comprehend what she is going through or feeling after your child is taken in an instant. She still has to be a mother to her other children, she still has to go day to day and she still has to survive. But how? It makes me grateful for my children. Obviously all of them, but especially Tayden. He is the same age sweet Noelle was. They were at the same stage in life. 

Tayden is smart, funny, happy, energetic. After five years of hard parenting, not all hard-- but hard at moments, he is becoming his own person. He tells jokes, makes decisions, senses tension, is aware of different relationships, has a sense of time and his surroundings, loves without end, has a desire to serve, wants to be good. He is about to start kindergarten and his second season of Tball. He is so full of life and a crucial part of our family. I can not imagine their heartache and am moved to tears of gratitude for my son. 

know families are forever. I know that our savior loves us and watches over us. I know that one day all our trials will make sense and hope and pray I can help ease the pain of others while here on earth. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge of this church and my testimony of it. 

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