Monday, August 25, 2014

Monumental moments

This week has been pretty great and full of some big milestones. So I present our monumental moments in chronological order. 

Wednesday night Chelsea and I went toilet papering. We hit Melissa with a big half roll and it was awesome. Big moment!! 

Some friends invited us to Wet 'N Wild on Saturday and the boys were thrilled to go. We drive by it quite frequently and to actually get to go inside was beyond exciting. And even more so was the fact that they were both tall enough to go on the big boy rides. 

The rainbow racer slide was the first on the boys agenda. I was expecting one of the boys, if not both, to chicken out. But they didn't. They went down...face first... and loved it.

It's hard to tell, but this is Beckett coming down. 

Next up was the big tube slide. Equally as fun. Cache wasn't feeling well, so we had to cut the day short, but they enjoyed the wave pool and lazy river as well. It was a fun morning. 

Now, to the really good stuff. The big stuff. 

Beckett is doing great with speech! It's been six months since he started and though it might not be as evident to everyone else, to his speech therapist and me, it's night and day. He has gone from calling Cache, "Dough" to "Caush", which is funny because he can say the long A sound, but doesn't with Cache. He used to call Tayden, "neigh neigh" and now says "Tay-en". And Tanner is now a right Tanner. When he first started speech he was dropping the last constanent. For example, "Ha" not "hat". That is now resolved and this week he just started to get over his fronting. Which means he is learning to use the sounds in the back of this throat. Such as K and G. That is something that takes sessions and sessions to achieve, but he picked it up over the weekend at home. He is hearing his mistakes and self correcting, which is the right on track to starting new, correct, habits. He still has a hard time remember to slow down and uses "me" instead of "I". But I can not wait to see what the next six months brings. 

Taydens had an exciting week as well. We had kindergarten orientation on Friday and he could not wait to officially start school. 

The wait for PM kindergarten was torture for this boy. He was chomping at the bit to get going. 

We got there a little early and let the kids play on the playground. When the bell rang Tayden ran over and lined up like he had done it a million times before. I asked him if I could walk in with him and he told me, "No, mom. I got it." So, Beckett gave him a hug and off he went. 

Taydens school is within walking distant from our house and when we got there, we found one happy boy. He loved school and can't wait to go back tomorrow. 

Lots of big fun stuff happening here. 

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The pic of Beckett hugging Tayden!