Friday, July 18, 2014

Uncle Justin

You have to understand, my brother is probably one of the greatest people ever. Growing up, he was my protector. Always made sure I had my jacket or was buckled up. In sixth grade we decided to switch rooms. I moved downstairs and he moved upstairs. Every night for the next few months I slept in his room with him. He gave up his bed willingly and slept on the floor, night after night. He was a junior in high school and could have been that jerk of a brother, but he was always ultra cool and the best big brother. He showed me what it meant to be a husband and father. I love my brother. And people are just drawn to him. So it's not surprising that my kids are too. He played with Beckett and Cache for a good hour this morning. Tayden is equally enamored by justin, but he was playing with coda while I was taking pictures, so he didn't get in on the fun. 

Justin Sean and Beckett Sean. See, loved him so much I named Beckett after him. 

They are all blurry because they were playing and moving. Never a dull moment with uncle justin.

We love uncle justin. So glad we get to spend a few days with him. 

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