Sunday, July 6, 2014

Five days of FUN

After being stuck in traffic for an hour and half in 115* weather, we finally made it to Utah. And let me tell you, we started off our vacation right. Scott had five days with us before he flew back to Vegas and we packed every day with lots of fun. 

Day 1: One of the best parts about this Idaho trip is our Texas cousins were here!! Tayden and Beckett have been waiting for weeks to see Coda and Gracie. So the fact that we had four continuous days with them was just about too much excitement for them to even handle. On the first day of fun we took the kids to nickel cade for an arcade adventure. The kids had a blast and enjoyed all the games. We walked away with over 2800 tickets, thanks to multiple jackpots, and lots of prizes. 

After the arcade Scott took the two older boys to Idaho for an early morning fishing trip the next day. They had such a great time together. It was a wonderful father son bonding experience and even though it was probably the hardest on me it, I'm glad they did it. 

Day 2:The fishing trip was a definite highlight for the kids. They love going on Grandpa Packards boat and have been talking about it for days. Tayden caught a gigantic rainbow trout and Beckett was equally happy with his catch. 

Day 3: Fourth of July!!! Per our tradition, we went to the inkom parade and BBQ at scotts grandparents, or grandma and grandpa great, as the boys call them. And as usual, the kids had a blast. In fact we had so much fun, we didn't take many pictures. We just enjoyed ourselves. But we got an awesome family shot. That evening we went to my parents for a small firework show and making balloon animals. Spending the fourth with family is my favorite. 

Cache has started taking pictures with my phone. This photo is courtesy of him. (Not sure why my iPad started typing in red underline.... Sorry. It's too late to try and fix it.)

Day 4: Mennear/Merrill BBQ. My mom borrowed a blow up water slide from a friend and the kids had an absolute ball. We enjoyed talking to family we haven't seen for some time and eating good food. It was wonderful. 

Day 5: Sunday. We relaxed. Mostly. We got up and went to church with Scott's parents and then hung out at their house for the afternoon. We then headed to our nieces 2 year old birthday party and enjoyed more family time. I came home dropped the kids off and took Scott to the airport. 

The kids and I will be here for about 3 more weeks and are looking forward to a nice long vacation full of more fun and family. 

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