Friday, June 27, 2014

Shark beach fun

My schedule always comes first and provides stability and structure in my home, but every now and then I derail my tyrant time train. Yesterday was one of those days. With it being korbins last day until August, hooray annual July Idaho vacation, our main focus was fun! Our ward has an amazing summer calendar with and activity planned every single day of the summer. We had been looking forward to yesterday's beach swimming activity for some time. But when we woke up the weather was less than desirable. The boys were back and forth about going, but I'm so glad we decided to go. We were the only ones that braved the wind and chilly Las Vegas 88*, but we had a blast. 

The Rio hotel offers few swimming for locals and as you can see the sand was a big hit. I can't believe this is my first time going after living here 3 years. We'll be coming back again for sure!! 

Then, we set off for some lunch. We hit a subway on the strip, which was a mistake. You think I get stares when I take out my three boys, you should see the looks I get when I take out four! Especially since Korbin is situated nicely between Beckett and Cache. He really could be ours!! So aside from the stares and few comments, we made it out alive and fed. Then, for one last stop of fun we went to shark reef. 

Since the boys are obsessed with sharks, we bought year passes again. Now we can go check them out as often as we feel like. There was a convention at Mandalay Bay, where the Shark Reef is, so it was busier than I anticipated. It got a little stressful with all four for a minute, but we pushed through and had a great time. 

Oh yes, they are in a change of clothes. Wonder where that happened? In the back of my car in the parking lot. I didn't plan on going to shark reef until we were half way to the car, and since the kids had been playing in the sand, they were itchy. Luckily, I always take dry clothes when we go swimming. I'm sure we were a site to see. Four kids and a mom in the back of my SUV, changing wet swimsuits and brushing off sand. And let's not mention all the climbing to the front seat and horn honking along the way. But we made it. Back to the pictures. 

Dark fish tunnel.

Crazy faces. And yes, I'm still in my swim suit. Apparently my dry clothes didn't make it to the car. I guess I can't win them all. At least I had my swimsuit coverup!! 

It was a great morning and here's the proof. 

I even managed to get them all in the house without waking up. 

At the end of the day I kind of felt like super mom. Super tired, but super non the less. I'm glad we have our schedule, I'd probably die without it, but it's always good to let loose and have fun too! 


Sheena said...

Oh the Rio looks fun! Let's for sure go when you get back!

Matt and Cori said...

You are such an awesome, fun mom!! And you really did have Rio all to yourselves! How fun!