Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Desert fishing

It's no secret that my boys love to fish. My mom told me about a great foam fish activity months ago and I am finally getting around to doing it. It consists of cutting foam craft sheets into the shapes of fish and putting medal brads in for eyes. Then make fishing poles with magnets for hooks. I decided to make a day of it and let's the boys help with the whole process.

We stopped at hobby lobby for our supplies and set home to let the fun begin. I unloaded everything on the table and we got to work. The boys loved coloring and cutting the fish. It kept the busy for almost an hour and a half. 

Most of our finished product. 

After practicing inside, they were ready to get their fish into water. We filled up our little pool in the backyard and got fishing. 

The magnets I picked weren't quite strong enough, but the boys still had fun. When Scott got home, he informed the boys we had better magnets and we could update the fishing pools in the morning. 

The next morning rolled around and the first thing Tayden talked about was getting out the stronger magnets. So we did. And they worked great. The minute breakfast was over the boys were out fishing. All morning long. I eventually had to pull out the shade umbrella to protect them from the harsh Nevada sun. 

And after mean mom made them come in, they went fishing in the bath tub. 

Pardon caches nakey bum. The minute he hears the bath running he strips his clothes and runs for the water. 

This new fishing game has proved to be quite entertaining! 

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