Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mama Mennear

My mom came down for a quick visit this weekend. She was supposed to come in Thursday night at 7:00, but her flight was delayed until 9:00. So we didn't get the fun started until Friday. We hit Pump It Up with the kids and we all had a blast. My mom included. She is a fun grandma who likes to play with her grand kids. Even if she take a tumble or two along the way. 

The boys were so sweaty and it was making for some awesome hair. I've been letting Becketts hair grow out more than usual because of his hair cutting stunt a few weeks ago. We finally cut it yesterday though and it's looking much less mangy. 

Friday night my mom and I went shopping. It was great to spend some one on one time with her. 

Saturday morning, Scott and I got up early and went to the temple while my mom stayed home with the boys. We wanted to hit the 7:00 session, but when we got there we realized the next session was at 7:30. Not a big deal, just a few extra minutes in the chapel. Then we found out it was in Spanish. I was a little taken back at first, but once I saw how many other people where using the headsets I was much less worried. I was nervous about trying to get dressed and deal with the wires and everything else. Turns out it was fine and Scott really enjoyed it. Took him back to the mission days in Ecuador. It was incredible to enjoy the temple with Scott again. We really needed it. 

We hung out Saturday afternoon and hit up our favorite ice cream place, Neilsons Frozen Custard. On the way there I think I said about 15,000 times that I needed to get a picture with my mom and the boys. Do you think I got one? Nope. Darn. 

She came to church with us today and then I took her to the airport. We were sad to see her leave but were grateful for her visit. I love her. 

Can't wait for our visit next month!! 

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