Friday, April 25, 2014

Two of a Kind

It's no secret and Tayden and Beckett are best friends. They are similar in so many ways, but different as can be.
At speech this week, Brandon and I had a talk about how I need to focus on practicing more consistently with Beckett at home. So as B and I were doing new words over breakfast, Tayden wanted to join. Tayden did everything perfectly and followed my directions to a T. Beckett on the other hand likes to make jokes out of it. For example, he adds the word "poo poo" to just about everything because he thinks its hilarious. So I would say, "I see day". Tayden would repeat. Beckett would say, "I see poo poo day". This is for everything. Beckett is always being a silly goof. And I kind of love it.
Another funny story about our speech adventure with B. Brandon was doing a repetition drill with Beckett. Brandon said, " I see you." In which Beckett should copy. Nope. Beckett says, "I see...Mommy. I see monsters. I see light. I see shoes." He knew what he needed to say, but took the creative liberty to march to his own drum and commented on everything he could see. Man, I love that kid.
And while I am here typing at the computer, here is a cute story about Tayden. He is sick with the flu today. He came home early from school yesterday with a belly ache. He woke up this morning still not feeling great. He threw up twice and then took a nap in my bed. He slept for two hours. He came down stairs around lunch time and announced, "My body is not shivering anymore and my belly feels better. Good thing I slept 20 hours last night." I tried to explain to him that he only took a nap. He is convinced he laid down at nap time, slept through the night and is now just waking up. He commented how weird it was that we were having spaghetti-os for breakfast, really lunch, and asked me to make him oatmeal. Then as I was laying Cache down he asked why we were having rest and nap so early today, because we just woke up. I tried to explain that its still the same day and he only napped, but he refuses to believe me. Its going to be a long confusing day for him.

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