Monday, April 7, 2014


I really enjoy watching General Conference. It can be a bit challenging to listen with kids, but the boys did pretty well this year. We got out coloring, Legos and eventually the play dough. We only had one major problem and his name was Cache. Baby boy is a bit of a terror and really enjoys annoying his brothers. Tayden has hit an artistic stride and takes his coloring and drawing rather seriously. Cache would dump out T's crayons every chance he got. And then as his big brother would pick them up, Cache would take his coloring page and run away as fast as he could. It was quite the fun game. Tayden is patient as ever though and tried his best to keep calm.

Proof of the mutilated picture. 

Taydens latest painting. Fish complete with seaweed and bubbles.

One of my favorite quotes from Conference was this:

The quote is cut a little short. I talks about how sometimes the house is a mess and the kids are in pajamas all day. And that's okay as long as the important things are getting done. FHE is hard for me because of the age of my kids. But if I'm not consistent when they are little I know its going to get a whole lot harder when they are older. So tonight, we had a fun Family Home Evening.

President Monson talked about loving and treating our families with love. That is what we focused on tonight. We talked about that tonight and practiced using nice words and actions with those we care about. It was short and simple but the kids got the message. I also talked to them about the need for weekly FHE and asked them to help us remember. They were more than happy to help and I am going to give it 100% of my focus.

Before the lesson we spent time outside as a family. We kicked the soccer ball, jumped on the tramp and let the boys run and play. It was really fun.

The olders and their ninja moves. 

Then we asked Cache if he was ready for a picture. He squatted down in his own ninja move and flexed his little hand and stayed frozen until we laughed and clapped. He thinks he is something else. 

I finally had to tell him to sit down and say cheese. He obliged with a cute grin and "NEEEEEE". Messy face and all. 

The other two had to get in on the cuteness. Tayden looks like a monster sitting next to Cache. I can't believe how grown up he is. And look at his huge smile. I'm in love.

It was a great evening and I know why Family Home Evening is so important. I look forward to many more great evenings like tonight. 

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Lindsey Rasmussen said...

Little brothers are the best! That's so good of Tayden to have so much patience.. I wish that's how it was at our house! :)