Saturday, April 5, 2014

Date Night

I had a great date night tonight! And I am not talking about the awesome bowling date I had with Scott while my kids were being tended by real life babysitters...the kind you actually pay, not just dropping off you kids to some friends. But since you asked. Scott and I went on a date a few weekends ago with the Turneys. We left all five kids (Tayden, Beckett, Cache, Hannah and Paige) with two girls from the ward. It was my first time ever hiring a babysitter and it was great. I was nervous the whole day, but the girls were wonderful and the boys loved them. It opened up a whole new world for Scott and I. I see a lot more dates in our future. 

Back to the date on hand. Scott attended the Priesthood Session with some friends while the boys and I stayed home. I decided to have a special mom and sons night in. I am with them every single day, all the time, around the clock. I wanted tonight to be different and stand out from every other evening that I have with them. So I decided first off, no phone. I got it out to take a few pictures, but that was it. Second of all, no cleaning. I spend a fair amount of my time cleaning up after ourselves, but tonight I committed to just being with my boys and cleaning up after they went to bed. 

After choosing pizza and a movie for our special evening, we set out to get the goods. As I pulled in to get the pizza the boys sat still. Then, I turned off the car and went to unbuckle Beckett who said, "I get to come too?!". We usually do pizza and a movie with Dad at home and he always runs in to get the pizza. Not this time. It was a real treat for the boys to come in and pick up the pizza. The fun didn't stop there. I let them get out and choose the redbox by themselves too. Its funny how such a simple thing can produce such a smile. 

When we got home we laid out a blanket and ate pizza on the carpet. I set the box on the floor and let the boys pick their own slices. Again with the coolness. I am the most fun mom. We watched a movie, cuddled on the floor and ended the night with some ice cream.

It was really great for me to just enjoy my boys. I feel as though I am going 20 different directions on any given day and today I stopped. I did nothing but hang out with my boys and enjoy their youthfulness. They are so wonderful and possess the sweetest spirits. I truly enjoyed being in their company tonight. I am a lucky lucky mom. 

In the car and ready to go. Yes, I still have Cache facing backwards. He loves to see his brothers. I am actually dreading the day I have to turn him around. 

Photobomber Cache in background. This kid loves to dive off the couch...he's crazy.

All the boys eating their ice cream. And the Cache stealing some of B's. Beckett didn't mind until he noticed. Then he moved to the table. Greedy boy! 

I need to make more time like this. 
It was such a great night, with great memories made and hopefully a fun new tradition. 

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