Monday, March 10, 2014

Visitors from Utah

As I mentioned, my grandma and sister came down to visit last week. It was so fun and I absolutely loved having them here. We hung out, made lots of bread, went on a fun little nature walk and genuinely enjoyed each others company. The first thing I told them when they got here was to remind me to take pictures, but again. I failed. Luckily, my sister took some and  I stole them from her. 

My grandma taught us how to make bread and let the boys make their own loaf. They loved it. They thought it was so fun to knead it out all by themselves and thought it was the most delicious bread they have ever tasted. 

About 10 minutes after they left the boys were already missing them. Thanks for coming grandma and aunt Jo. We love you more than you know. 

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