Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Blues

I have a good friend who has one of the best blogs to read...ever. She writes brilliantly and more often than not she rights exactly how I feel. As I was reading her latest POST about how hard the winter is with a toddler, I completely felt her pain. As I was reading comments from her readers, I realized we are not alone. A lot of stay at home moms are faced with challenging winters keeping their toddlers happy. So, for those of you that are going through the same thing, here are some ideas to keep that little one happy and keep mama sane.

Savvy Source


Family Play and Learn

Thanks Erin for posting! Hope this helps!


Echo said...

Ya know, all those problems would be solved if you moved to Texas!

Erin_C said...

awww, thanks Stace! and thanks for those sources! i will be using them up :)