Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 3 of 3

So here we are. The 'last' day of potty training. Tayden only had two accidents today and went potty on the toilet many times. However, we did have one set back. He got a rash. We are not sure if he is allergic to the new toddler wipes or what is going on...but it seems to be bothering him quite a bit. We put some ointment on it and because I didn't want to get our clean house all oily, we decided on a pull up. (Its much harder for Tayden to get his hands down a pull up than underwear) No good, no good at all. So we had a slight regression, but are determined to work through it. Hopefully it will clear up in a day or two. So, although we aren't 100% done in 3 days, I feel confident we are 90% there. He really is doing well and its encouraging to know we are done with diapers. I am sure there will be accidents to come, but am also sure they will decrease with time.

So, that's the update.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Echo said...

Sounds to me like he is doing great! I hope his little rash goes away and you get on with the training. And what happened with the house...I definetly need to call. talk to you soon!