Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 2 of 3

Well, as promised by the two was harder than one. It is quite common for a slight regression on day two. The kiddies realize it is much easier to potty in a diaper and continue to play than to actually have to stop and use the toilet. It also didn't help that I had to deviate from the program due to a few unexpected hiccups in the day. Such as showing our house, which actually never happened due to scheduling conflicts. (I don't really want to talk about it.) So we had to go to my moms for a few hours and I paid less than 100% of attention to him. Anyway, Tayden had five accidents ranging from a major one to a few minor ones. However the set backs, we did see some major progress. He stopped mid stream and finished on the toilet every time but one. He also told me multiple times he had to go potty as he ran to the bathroom yelling...."Potty Potty Potty!" He pooed in the toilet 3 times and understands the concept. I think tomorrow will be fantastic and have high hopes for the last day. It is supposed to be the easiest so we will see if Tayden complies with the statistics. Wish us luck.


Amanda said...

congrats! your almost home free:]
Hanna WILL NOT go #2 in the toilet. She has issues with going anyways & the added pressure of doing it on the toilet, terrifies her...she will with-hold rather than go and then it a whole new set of problems:[
does your book have any suggestions for that?
I am so happy for you...GO Tayden!

Collin, Traci, Cam, and Alyssa said...

Good work! Hopefully your luck is better than mine, my potty-trained little boy regressed COMPLETELY with all our traveling over the holidays. Looks like we'll soon be starting over...sigh.