Monday, December 13, 2010

Time for Change

This past October conference I was in Texas with my family and wasn't able to watch conference. No excuse I know, just simply the reason I didn't. I have taken it upon myself to read a talk daily along with personal scripture study while Tayden naps. I have felt myself slip in the "seminary answers" of life the past little while. Things such as personal scripture study and prayer. So, I am determined to get back on track and be the person that I need to be. Not only for myself, but as a wife and mother as well. With that said, as I have been reading the talks I have felt an overwhelming sense that the P family needs to be engaged in weekly family home evening and daily scripture study. We do pretty well at night time prayers with Tayden, but could be more consistent. I am noticing how scary the world is and want to spiritually prepare my children the best I can to make the right choices. I know it is up to me to instill in them the importance of our Savior and his gospel. I know its not up to me alone, but I am a firm believer it starts in the home. I want to give my kids every advantage that I can. I want my kids growing up in a home where the gospel is practiced not just preached. I want my kids growing up knowing that their mom has a testimony. I want my kids growing up with a testimony of their own. Its going to be a challenge with an almost 2 year old and new baby, but what better time to start than now? So our new goals 1.) Weekly FHE. 2.) Daily scripture study. 3.) Consistent family prayer. I know this will be one of the best choices we will make for our family. I felt the change immediately after the decision was made and the goals were set. It will improve our life in every aspect.

Please leave a comment if you have any personal experiences or suggestions to share about FHE and family scripture study. I love to hear your input and could use a few good ideas to really get the ball rolling.

I am excited for the good things to come.

Oh and guess what? 12 days until Christmas!!!


Erin_C said...

i am in the same boat. we try to do family prayer and scripture study with carly before she goes down. we read about a verse a day and tonight chris was like "at this rate, we'll finish when she's 17." but thats not the point. i think it was elder bednar who said to read to your children from the scriptures because you will be surprised how much they understand and how they will respond to the spirit. a friend just shared an experience where they were having trouble with the behavior of one of their little boys (5 years old). they decided they would be more diligent about family prayer/scriptures/fhe, and since then his behavior issues have disappeared. its just such an incredible thing the impact it has. no wonder the prophets have always stressed the importance. anyway, i'm blabbering because its something we have been truly horrible at but are also making an effort to improve.
umm . . . ideas? i don't know how you put tayden down, but we've incorporated it (in the last week, we're still working on it) into her bedtime routine. bath, pjs, scriptures, prayer, stories, bottle, bed. she is such a routine oriented girl, that if we engrain it in her, in no time she will be grabbing the scriptures for us. haha.
great post! we're in the same shoes.
(ok sorry that was a novel)

Melissa said...

Oh Stacey you're so good. I really mean it. I love your goals and especially the attitude you have behind them. It really is important to recognize the influence you have and to make sure that it is positive. Someone in my stake presidency suggested that kids should have a few scriptural stories memorized so that they feel that connection to them and it fosters the desire to learn more. So, maybe you could teach Tayden some stories and have him recite them back to you. Just an idea. I'm not a mom, though, so what do I know?

Amanda said...

Stacey, your a great mom & wife:] Im sure that the spirit is already strong in your home.
FHE is hard in our house too sometimes. Trying to do it consistently with Johns ever changing work schedule is enough to drive me bonkers. so rather than feel overwhelmed about not doing it right, I just changed it to work with our time. SO, when time is available I have a jar filled with family activities {some spiritual, some not} and Hanna gets to draw one of the activites that we will do for the evening. Its exciting for her to be involved and she keeps us on target cuz she is always asking to "draw a game."
Its hard to keep two year olds focused...but they get it! It amazes me what Hanna retains about the gospel.
Keep up the good work! And sorry for rambling on!!!!

Echo said...

Well, I should feel ashamed of myself. Thanks for pointing out how much I have dropped the ball! But, your right...these are things we should do. We seem to have accomplished family prayers, but are not so good on the other stuff. Before we moved to the house it seemed like we played family games every other night, but not so much any more. In the Conference issue of the Ensign there was a talk in the first few pages about family scripture study. A family made it a point to read at least one verse each day. It took them three years to finish the B of M, but what an accomplishment, right?

Anyway,my guilt is my own fault, but it wouldn't have raised to the surface if it wasn't for your post, so thank you.

12 days? Where did time go?

Love ya!

Chels said...

Oh my goodness, we have been struggling with this same thing! But, my visiting teacher made a really good suggestion last time they were here. She and her husband were each reading and studying a conference talk or two each week. Then for family home evening they share what they've learned. Then they make goals together to practice what the prophets are teaching. I loved that idea! Of course you'd have to adapt it some with your little one. Maybe have a small lesson for him, then some more serious discussion after. Good luck!

Jamie said...

Stacey, I felt the same way right before I had my second boy. We had been doing some but not too consistently. Our FHEs last about 5 minutes total, but we are doing them. What I do right now is a lesson from the nursery manual. Stephen gets a handout each week, so we do the same lesson. I like reiterating something that he has just talked about.

We do our scripture study at breakfast. I try to get breakfast on the table for everyone, then Scott or I read while everyone else eats. We tried to do it after dinner at one point, but the boys are a little too hyper or tired for it to work. Breakfast works best for us.

Good luck on your quest! I hope when you have two that you can get them to sleep at the same time so you can continue to read then!