Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hot Tuna

Having a toddler is an adventure. I love it. One of the joys at our house is finding random things in random places. Such as this:

Tuna in the dryer.

Among other things like:

*Cars in my pillow.
*Measuring spoons in the bath tub.
*Wooden spoons in the toy chest.
*Watches in the dirty clothes.
*Footballs in my closet.
*Popcorn in my purse.
*Cars in the Christmas Tree.
*Library cards in the vents.

Yes, these have all happened. (Thankfully, not on a regular basis.) But the best part is....I always know where to look. I seriously love being a mom.


Melissa said...

That's cute. I love how you view these things as an adventure and are so positive. Some people would take the opposite view. I can't wait to be a mom someday.

~jan said...

Oh I love it! Chantry was my one who did that too. I actually found HIM in the dryer and I still have a missing set of keys.
Merry Christmas Packards!!