Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

It's that time of year for gingerbread houses. Tayden and I attend the library every Tuesday for 'story time' and this week we had the special treat of making gingerbread houses. I was a little concerned Tayden would be covered from head to toe in frosting, but he actually did fairly well. It was a fun making the little house together and made for a great morning.

Tayden actually working on the house, before he found out the glue was frosting.

It was all over after that. Yum.

The final project. Awesome right?

A quick side note: Have you ever looked at your child in complete awe and wonder? That happened to me tonight. I was getting him ready for bed and helping him put his PJ's on. In the process I started folding his jeans and all of a sudden I realized how BIG his little jeans are. I looked at the Master of Disaster and my heart melted. When did MY BABY grow up? He is almost 2! TWO YEARS OLD. Crazy. In the midst of my emotional mom moment, I let him stay up a a little longer than usual. In his extra time of freedom he managed to melt my heart even more. He loves football. By love I mean is partially obsessed. And by partially I mean completely. He 'plays' football on a regular basis (yells "GO GO GO", runs and then dives on the floor). Tonight, while he was playing football, he rolled over looked at me and we had this little conversation:

Tayden: MAMA, I ducks.
Mom: What?
Tayden: (louder and slower) I ducks.
Mom: Your ducks?
Tayden: (attempting me to get up) I ducks.
Mom: Oh, you're STUCK! (first time he has ever said that)
Tayden: (huge grin) Yeah, I ducks! (followed by the cutest laugh you have ever heard). Again!
Mom: Okay, again!

It was small and simply and took less than a minute, but I cherish little moments of actual conversation. Not just naming things or telling us what animals say what, but an actual conversation. He is growing up to quickly.

I LOVE being Taydens mom.
He's the best.

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Lindsey Rasmussen said...

It is hilarious when he runs and dives on the ground. He's quite the football player!