Friday, November 19, 2010

Hair Cuts Day

Yesterday my fabulous cousin, Teresa, cut Taydens hair as well as my own. My aunt was there and was the best help with Tayden. Plus, they were gracious enough to let us hang out there most the morning and fed wild child lunch. Teresas kids were amazing with Tayden and he loved playing with them. It was just awesome. Thanks guys for everything. We really appreciate it.

Now, for pictures: I was going to take Tayden outside to for a little photo shoot, but have you noticed it is winter outside? It was far to cold for my sickly little boy. Yes, he has caught the cough and yuckiness that seems to be plaguing Pocatello. So, we opted for a few pictures inside. Easier said that done with this our little busy body.

haha...Tayden and his shirt hat. He loves to run around the house like this. Wierdo.

Ah, when did he grow up? Cute hair cute bud.

My hair cut. Don't mind the cheesy smile...

In other news, I only have 10 weeks left until we meet baby brother. Well, 10 weeks 6 days...but still technically 10 weeks! Its gone crazy fast, yet can't seem to go fast enough!

Happy Weekend!


Amanda said...

super cute bangs:]

Lindsey Rasmussen said...

very cute hair cuts! love the bangs!

~jan said...

Stacey - I had to do a double take - you are looking an awful lot like your mom these days, a good thing. It happens to the best of you girls :)

Lisa said...

You look so cute! And this is the first time I've looked at Tayden and can see Scott! Usually I just see a little boy! :) Good luck with the next few weeks!