Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Mind of His Own

We had an ultrasound today to check out our new little man. However, he had a completely different idea. He refused to cooperate. We were able to check out his heart, kidneys, lungs and so forth, but that is all we got to see. However, our little bean was kind enough to show us his foot. Yep, one little foot. That is the only picture we got to take home! Stubborn little man. He is weighing in around a pound and a half and doing great. I can't wait to see his sweet face.

Speaking of sweet faced little boys with a mind of their own...let me update you on Tayden. He is crazy. Seriously, he is the funniest little boy I know. He has been on a major jumping kick lately. Jumping off things, over things, on things...etc. Its is mildly hilarious, but makes me completely nervous. He has also started talking up a storm. I have mentioned before he was a little slow to start talking, but he is making up for lost time these days. I look at him at wonder what happened to my baby. He is truly a little boy. He loves big trucks, trains, and airplanes. He pets every dog he can get his hand on and never passes up a chance to throw a ball...or anything else for that matter. He loves his mommy, but is becoming quite the daddys boy. He is just the light of our universe.

I love the fact that I have two little boys to blog about. I can't believe Scott and I are going to have two kids. Its going to be one crazy adventure, but I can't wait.

We are headed to a pumpkin farm on Friday. I can't wait. We get to pick our own pumpkins, go through a little corn maze and play some fun kid games. One of the many reasons I love Fall. My favorite season by far. Hopefully, I will have more luck on the pictures!

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Liz Taylor said...

Where did you go to find the pumpkin farm?