Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Bit from Everyone

Everyone in our little family has something to share this week. So here is what has been going on at the House of P.

Tayden: Nothing huge from little mister, but I'll share a funny little story. Did you know Tuesdays are Kids Night at Texas Road house? Neither did we, until tonight when I treated Scott to a special little dinner. (You'll have to keep reading to see the exciting reason why.) They provide balloon animals, face paintings and free ice cream for the kids. It was super fun and Tayden was extremely good. So, Texas Road House has a mascot...its an armadillo. Tayden loves animals, but apparently people not dressed up as animals. The armadillo came up to Tayden to wave and give him a toy and our little boy flipped. He practically hurdled the table to get away from the scary man. All I saw was flying french fries and macaroni before Tayden curled up in my lap. He was literally shaking from fear and wouldn't take his eye off the monster. Scott and I got a good laugh from our little man. It will be an interesting Halloween.

Stacey: I am officially 6 months pregnant! I have been horrible at taking pictures and keeping an update with this one, so I thought I would do that now. Everything is going rather smoothly. I am getting bigger and bigger everyday and trying to cope with it. It was hard with Tayden, but has been harder with this one. My feet have also been more swollen with #2. I'm sure its because I am on them all day chasing a very active toddler all day. Also, the heart burn is starting to kick in. Especially, if I eat jalapenos after 9 pm. However, I love feeling this extremely active little boy move. He is very responsive to pressure, so I can normally make him move on command. I can also count on him doing flips first thing in the morning, in the evening and any other time I lay down. We don't have a name picked out for him yet, but I am quite partial to Beckett. I know the picture is awful, but its better than no picture I guess.

Scott: Now for the most exciting news of all. Scott had his first interview today with a company called JT3. It went fabulously. (Hence the dinner) He passed with flying colors and will be headed to Vegas for a final interview and some testing in a while. They were super impressed with him and excited about his background with surveillance cameras. So, I guess things really are coming together. His job would be in telecommunications, however that is all I will be aloud to know. Its a super confidential job that contracts with the government. The company flies/buses their employees to work everyday...blindfolded. Haha, not really blindfolded...but it is a super big secret I guess. Its kind of like a sci-fi job, so it makes Scott giddy just thinking about it. In all honestly though, the company sounds great and has some wonderful things to offer. The pay is great along with the benefits and vacation time. It will be great to get more information as the hiring process continues. The prospect of having a job and seeing light at the end of the tunnel is amazing. Now, if we can get the house sold....it will be a good week. We have people coming back to look for a second time on Thursday. Wish us luck!

So, that's about it for our little house hold news.

Happy Tuesday!


Erin_C said...

1-So funny about Tayden and that armadillo. Carly met that thing at Roadhouse when she was like 7 months old and was terrified as well. Don't they know how scary it is?
2-Really like Beckett! Cool, and goes well with Tayden without being matchy.
3-exciting about the job! hope everything else goes well. my father-in-law had a job like that. 20 years later my MIL still doesn't know what he did :)
OH, and you don't look huge at all. you look great!

Echo said...

Wow! You had an exciting week! Congratulation on all of it! Really??? Scared of someone in a costume?? Hmmm.... Wonder where he got that from? I am pretty sure someone in your family started crying when the man in the gorilla costume wouldn't leave her alone... Although I can't quite put my finger on who that was...STACEY! love you guys!

Lindsey Rasmussen said...

So funny about the armadillo! Also- you look great for being 6 months prego.. never would guess you were that far along! CoNgRaTs on the interview! That definitely deserved some celebrating and not cooking!! :)

The Collier 4 said...

Look'n good as always. You are a cute lil mama! Good luck with the house, been there done that and it's not fun so wishing you lots of luck and praying for ya. I hear JT3 is a really good co. to work for. Todd thought about it but didnt like the confidentiality and the Vegas part. Keep posting on how things go!

Amanda said...

woohoo scott! thats crazy you could be gone by this time next year:/
You are an adorable pregnant person! Hang in there:]