Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Lucky 2-4

Today is my birthday. I turned 24 on the 24th! It was the best birthday. Its not even fair to call it a birthDAY, its was more of a birthWEEK.

It all started last Wednesday when my two wonderful sister in laws brought me dinner. They drove all the way to Lava and hand delivered some amazing Thai food to me. It was so good. I might be making a few more trips down south(ish) for some more of that! Thanks girls.

Then, on Friday, my AMAZING husband loaded up the car and took Tayden and I to Salt Lake City. It was thee most fun I have had in a long time. We went to the Zoo, ate at some great restaurants and stayed in a beautiful hotel. I am still having camera troubles, so all we have are pictures from our phone, but they work.

We got a few laughs from strangers as we were walking around the zoo. I looked at little mister to see what was going on and got a good laugh too.

This one is out of order, it was on the drive home. Tayden was all funned out. He put his sunglasses on and fell fast asleep.

Mom and Tayden on the brass lion. He must be getting his two year molars...he has been chewing on his fingers alot the past few days.

Dad and Tayden with the lions.

Tayden taking a little ride on the lion. He loved to roar at them.

Our attempt to take a family picture on the train. Yes, Tayden's shirt is soaking. He spilled his water.

Our hungry little boy thought he needed the whole loaf of bread at Macaroni Grill.

He sure did enjoy my birthday cake from the Packards!

It was so fun to just be with my boys. That was the best gift I could have ever asked for. We just hung out and enjoyed each other. It doesn't happen to often with our schedule, so it was simply bliss.

Sunday, oh Sunday. What a magnificent day. We had Stake Conference and it was just what I needed. It was all about motherhood, the importance of women and daughters of God. Being super emotional these days, I bawled pretty much the whole block. I have been struggling with this pregnancy and the joys it brings (chubbs, zits, crazy hair, etc.) and after the two hours of inspiration, I walked out a new person with a new perspective. It was amazing.

We got a surprise Monday...School was postponed until today. So, we had a one more whole day with Daddy. It was great. We we able to spend 4 days straight with Scott and that was the best gift of all. We went to Inkom that night and my in laws through me a little party. Cake, singing...the whole bit. They got me a beautiful Willow Tree statue of a m0m holding a toddler. I love it. It reminds me of a the true love of a mother and the pure innocence of a child. Sometimes, that is a much needed reminder.

Today, my actual birthday, was great. I spent the day shopping around with my sister. Who got me a gift certificate to the bead store and I made a super cute watch! It was fun to hang out with her and just be lazy. I got so many texts and facebook messages from friends. We had dinner with my parents and had the traditional banana cream pie. My mom and dad took us all to Sea World earlier this year for our birthdays, so I wasn't expecting anything...but it was great to have a little party. I talked to my brother on the phone for a few minutes...who was mad I missed the stripper -graham he sent! (He really didn't send me one, but it was a pretty funny joke.) And, Scott surprised me with the 3rd Glee CD. Man, how blessed am I.

The older I get the less exciting birthdays are. Well, maybe not less exciting, but I see things differently. This year, I was overwhelmed with the love I feel from the people around me. I am just so grateful. Everyday was a new sign of love. I can't get over how lucky I be loved so many people. So I guess it really was my lucky birthday.


Echo said...

Happy Birthday!!! I feel likesuch a butt. I talked to you and didn't even think about what day it was. I remembered before the night was over and left you a message! Listen to me trying to give justify forgetting your birthday. I am such a terrible sister inlaw. But I love you none the less!

Maren & Scott said...

Happy (late) Birthday!