Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In the News

The breaking story for tonight: We finally broke down and bought Tayden a fish. His Aunt Sharlee has a beta that Mister T absolutely loves....like seriously loves loves loves. So, we took a family trip to Petco and walked out fish owners. I asked Scott on the way to the car, "Are we going to be that family that has 15 million pets because our kids love animals so much?". He ensured me we won't be. I, for one, am not so sure. What we do for our kids!

In BABY news:
I went to the doctor today. Everything with Baby P is great. Heart beat sounds good and strong. And the best part, I only gained 2 pounds! Which is surprising considering how I eat. All. The. Time. I guess it pays to have a toddler to chase all day.
We find out what we are having in 5 weeks. I can't wait. I really REALLY want a little girl. Almost too much I think. However, as I held one of my besties new baby, Emmett, and Scott held Tayden...I was content with the thought of two little boys. Either way, I love this little baby already.

In TODDLER news:
(Besides the fish) Tayden is growing up at an alarming rate. The other day as I watched him eat his lunch, off a plate rather than high chair tray, I couldn't help but tear up. Where has my little boy gone? I asked him if he wanted more plum and he shook his head and told me 'no'. Which, for those of you that are curious, the eating healthy this is going awesome! My little eater is back and I love it. Tayden has been a bit on the slow side for talking, so these new moments of actual communication have been priceless. He has always been really good at gesturing and showing me what he wants, but the new talking is awesome! He loves to dance, loves animals, and loves his trucks. And, hello, he is 18 months! He is officially closer to two years old than he is one. AH! His new favorite trick is to close his eyes and hide his head if you are asking him to do something he doesn't want to do. Example, changing his bum. He is seriously so much fun and the light of our lives.

In HUSBAND news:
Scott is great as ever. Did I mention he bought me a new computer? He did. He is the bomb dot com. He is working full time for a few more weeks and then school starts again. We are on the last leg and it is so exciting to think about the future. I don't think I tell him enough, but I am so PROUD and so GRATEFUL that he is going to school. It was a hard decision for him to give up such a good job, but it was the right one. And because of it, we are being blessed more than ever!

This has turned out to be much longer than I meant it to be....sorry. I'll post some pictures soon! Well, as soon as I can figure out how to unlock my SD card so I can actually take pictures. But that is a whole other frustration for a whole other post!


Echo said...

okay, so for the last two days I have been trying to do this three column thingy. Today, after I had finally figured it out. I checked up on your updates....WHEN THE CRAP DID YOU CHANGE TO A THREE COLUMN AND WHY IN THE H DIDN'T I JUST CALL YOU TWO DAYS AGO?!?? I guess that is my own fault for not being very observant. Anywho...I sure love ya.

Lindsey Rasmussen said...

You are so tiny!! I am glad everything is going with the baby.. I'm hoping you have a boy! :) But, a girl would be fun, I'm sure! We need to get together this week!

jensens said...

did you move the lock button on the card to unlock? that's what it would be for me. and yes i was curious about the no junk food. i'm so glad it's going so great! i didn't do so hot this last week. so now you're inspiring me! love ya!