Tuesday, August 17, 2010


As I was catching up on some of my blog reading the other day, I ran across a flashback to the 1980-1990s. I had to share with my favorites with everyone. The following is a mix of her favorites and some of mine. To see her full list, click HERE.

Home Improvement. Particularly JTT...oh so dreamy!

Cats Cradle
Chinese Jump Rope

Tee Shirt Clips


The Oregon Trail



Dark Wing Duck

The Never Ending Story

Pogs and Slammers

Rescue Rangers

Ring Watches

Slap Bracelets

Now, wasn't that totally awesome?
Did I miss anything?
What did you love about the 80-90's?
There's gotta be something.
Leave a comment and let me know.


about us said...
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ashley hunt said...

Ok two things about this wonderful post :) 1: I use to be obsessed with JTT. I had a calender of him on my wall. 2: While packing up Byrons room before we got married I was cleaning out under his bed. (scary i know) And I found POGS! haha We BOTH thought it was so funny and he insisted upon keeping them. He says hi, by the way...you were always his fav :)

Amanda said...

I seriously forgot all about pogs! They were the BEST!

~jan said...

I remember girls loving the Hansens - you know the 3 bros that sang MMMbop?

Echo said...

Haha Justin and I were just talking about pogs the other day. And I found a great caboodle at goodwill when your mom was here. You hit all my top fags!

sam and kyrsten said...

haha this gave me a good laugh. loved all of those things. especially jtt and chinese jump ropes. also tamagotchis! oh i loved my green tamagotchi! it never left my belt loop.

Taryn said...

Does anyone actually know how to play POGS? I sure didn't/don't! Gotta love it!!