Monday, July 12, 2010

Ross Park...

And them some!

My mom and I have been trying to go swimming at Ross Park for a while now, but with the crazy weather and schedules, haven't been able to. Today, our luck changed and we had the opportunity to go. It was so much fun. Tayden was timid for about the first 2 minutes, and then was off. He had a blast splashing in the water and even went down the slide. It is so amazing seeing him experience new things. I could watch that little boy learn something new all day.

I was going through my phone and found some fun pictures to show what we have been up to.
(Sorry the pictures are so big. I am to lazy to go back and change them.)

Tayden loves LOVES loves the dirt. He went out to 'help' his dad one morning, but instead played in the dirt in his PJ's. When he was turned back over to me, I found dirt in his hair, ears, diaper, toes, you name it...there was dirt. Talk about one happy boy.

Again, making a mess in his pajamas. (I might be seeing a pattern here.) I was cleaning the house one quite morning...and noticed it was a little to quite. I came out to see Tayden drawing on our windows with chap stick. I guess he decided that one day of clean windows was enough.

Aunt Sharlee is teaching little Mister how to share with a lady. Is it not the cutest thing ever?

Happy Monday!

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Liz Taylor said...

Tayden sure is such a cute kid!