Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring break 2017

We enjoyed spring break last week. And while I anticipated staying here to be a bore, we actually quite enjoyed ourselves. The week was full of sleeping in and morning cartoons (a rarity here), lazy picnic lunches and afternoons outside. It was magical.

One of the afternoons, the boys practiced their ninja moves and meditated when done. 

Another thing that made spring break so fun was having our bestie neighbors stay in town too. We enjoyed lots of playtime and walks with the Hansens. And even though we looked like a circus with 2 moms, 3 dogs, 2 strollers, 7 kids and a scooter...we sure have fun together. 

Wednesday we went to Pocatello to get the dogs haircuts. We stopped at Kelsey's house and Luna got to see her Mom for the first time since we brought her home. It was cute watching them play and I totally believe they knew they were family. Luna immediately went into submissive daughter mode while Remi went into in charge mom mode. Once they got their roles settled, they played and played. Then, Grandma Packard spoiled us with lunch and a trip to Geronimos. The boys love hanging out with Aimslee and spending time with Grandma. I love being so close to them. On our way home, we stopped at my parents and spent the evening with them. Again, I love being so close to my family. It was a big day, full of lots of fun. 

Beckett worked so hard on this picture. He really has started taking a liking to drawing and coloring. And one word on his spelling before I forget. He can't pronounce his r's yet, and he spells phonetically. So when he is sounding out words, he hears the w sound instead of r. For example, we wrote me and apology letter and it said, "Mom, I'm willee sowee for the way I acted". It kills me. 

We spent a fair share of our time drawing with side walk chalk. Cache would draw and Ky would follow behind him and draw one little line on his picture and send cache into the pouts. If you look close at the first picture, you can see Cache wrote his name, "CAHCE". 

Scott had Friday off, so we packed the boys up and went fishing. Though a bit cold and windy, the sun was shining and we had fun. We didn't reel in any fish, but Cache didn't mind. He caught the biggest "fish" snag... And fought it for some time. He was thrilled to have a "shark" on his line. 

After our big day, Tayden and I took Luna to her training class. Beckett, who hates to be in his room alone, fell asleep in our bed. An exhausted Luna wasted no time jumping up and cuddling next to him. Though she picked the wrong side and was about falling off the bed, so I had to move her over. She sure loves these boys. 

Spring break was wonderful. In just a couple of short weeks, we'll welcome summer. And with any luck, it will be as great as spring break. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fly a Kite

Yesterday was down right windy. Which was perfect for a Cache, because he has been dying to fly a kite. So fly a kite we did. And he was pretty happy about it. 

Beckett laying the grass is my favorite.

I love his little smiling profile. 

That smile is worth a million bucks. Scratch that, it's totally priceless. 

Scott was out working on the dirt pit, but the call of the kite was too strong to resist. 

Beckett took the opportunity to walk Luna and I just couldn't get over how big he is getting. 

Windy days aren't the best day, except for when they are! 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Princess Luna

We've always wanted a dog who would cuddle with the boys. We wanted a dog that would be obedient and caring and sincerely invested in our family. Man, oh man, did we luck out Luna.... Or Princess Luna as Beckett calls her.  She is so loving and adores being with her boys. I took a couple pictures over the past few days of how involved she is and still only got about a third of all the sweet moments. 

Cache has a fun, but shallow love for Luna. There isn't much of a deep connection, but he thinks Luna is the most fun play mate around. He loves to play chase and do tricks with her. She remains calm, no matter how crazy he gets. They have a good balance. 

Scott loves Luna too. And Luna loves Scott. She greets him everyday at the door, tail wagging and sitting patiently, dying to be pet. 

Tayden takes her to training every Friday. They are doing so well. Tayden has definitely taken the on he owner responsibility part of Luna. He watches out for her well being, makes sure she is fed, let's her out and loves her fiercely. And when I say fiercely, I mean FIERCELY. They are the optiomy of a boy and his dog. She is his dog. 

She is incredibly patient with Kyle. He is always riding or laying in her. No matter how much he tugs or pulls, she never nips or growls at him. She has the patience of a saint. Every morning, she follows me into his room as I get him out of bed and he yells, "Hi Luna!" every time. It's awesome. Kyle will grow up with Luna and I can tell they'll have a special bond. 

Air mattress movie day. She didn't waste anytime grabbing her bone and snuggling in. 

You can't see, but Beckett loves to rub Luna. She sits by him and he just rubs her or puts his hand on her. She loves the physical contact she gets with Beckett. Another fun thing about Luna and Beckett is that when B gets a little nervous to go downstairs by himself sometimes, he takes Luna down with him. She makes him feel safe. They have a strong quiet connection. 

Always out with the boys while they play. 

Life with Luna is so so good.