Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dallas Visitors

Wow! What a busy week and it all started off with a surprise! Justin, Echo and the kids were to show up on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, but much to our delight, they came Tuesday evening. We were so excited! And very much surprised. I thought I had another day or two to finish up laundry and tie up some lose ends that had to be done so I could focus on their visit. But the unfinished chores didn't keep from enjoying every last drop of our Texas family. They were just delayed a week.

They stayed at my parents house in Blackfoot, so there was lots of in between driving. It was six full days of fun and soaking up our family. We hung out, played farkle, had BBQ's, did family pictures, enjoyed sleepovers, went to iJump, geo-cached, ate out, played catch, went for walks, jumped on the tramp, frisbeed, watched the Chukars and laughed and laughed. We crammed one year of missing out into one week of being together. It was honestly a great visit. I only got two pictures of their whole trip. That's how busy we were.

It was a blast and I can't wait to see them again! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Rexburg Rapids

We spent Saturday with some good friends, the Snarrs, at Rexburg Rapids. They have boys that are the same age as Tayden and Beckett. 

Austin, Brody, Beckett and Tayden. 

It was so much fun! If you don't believe me, take Ky's word for it. 

We're so blessed to have such great friends. 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Camp Out

Sleeping outside was on the bucket list for this summer and tonight Scott made it happen. The boys had a blast and thought the tent was the coolest thing ever. And while I love Idaho summers, the daylight last forever. They went to sleep with the sun and woke up with it too, which made for some cranky kids this morning. But that's not anything a little nap can't handle. It was a fun experience for them and they loved every (short) minute. 

Just for reference, these pictures were taken at 9:15pm. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Past 10 Days

JULY 16 2017 
Luna got to play with her mama again. She was much braver this time and they played together wonderfully. 

JULY 17 2017 
We headed to my moms house for the day. Kyle was unusually cranky, so my dad built him a monster truck run for his trucks. This boys has a mad love for all things mechanical, but especially monster trucks. It keep him happy for awhile and since Scott was doing homework, we decided to stay the night. 

JULY 18 2017 
Shortly after waking up, we found out why Ky was so cranky. He had a touch of a stomach bug. We packed up fast and headed home. It was a rough day with lots of throwing up and one sad baby. 

JULY 19 2017 
The best day of the week. I got my braces off! Luckily, the bug was short lived and Kyle was healthy enough to head to the neighbors while I went to my appointment. (The story behind sick Ky. Earlier in the week Jodie's kids got sick with the bug and spent a day throwing up. Clay and Jodie ending up getting it and were too sick to watch their kids, so I had them over for the day. They passed it to Kyle. So since they had already had it and were the ones that gave it to us, Jodie was happy to watch my kids so I could get to the orthodontist.) 

JULY 20 2017-JULY 21 2017
Nothing but cleaning house and hanging out. 

JULY 22 2017
The Blue Thunder jet show came to Idaho Falls. As soon as Scott heard about it, he bought tickets. He and Tayden went early and enjoyed the whole show. The other boys and I showed up at the tail end for  the jet show. It was a fu. And different experience. 

I also decided to play groomer again. Lunas scissor cut was growing out pretty scraggly, so I took the clippers to her. It worked out loads better. 

JULY 23-JULY 24 2017 
Our friends the Turneys came to town and stayed the night with us. It was so wonderful having them here. Seriously, it was so great. The kids played awesome together and the adults stayed up way too late enjoying the company. It was so hard saying goodbye, but that only means the friendship is so good. I love these people. 

Our kids in numerical order. Tayden 8, Hannah 7, Beckett 6, Paige 5, Cache 4, Sam 3, Kyle 2, Jonathan 1. 

JULY 25 2017 
Looks like my prayers were answered. I prayed that nobody else would get sick until my braces were off, the air show was over and the Turneys had left. Beckett and I woke up sick. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Flying Summer

Summer is a funny things. Some days I'm busy all day, but at the end of the evening I can't put my finger on one thing I accomplished outside of chasing and entertaining kids. Others are spent sleeping in and relaxing while others are full to the brim with fun. I keep waiting for summer to officially start, but its already half way over.  Some noteworthy things from this week.

Kyle loves mud. Alot. And it doesn't matter if hes clothed or not. If he has mud...and googles...he's one happy camper. How can you be mad at that face?

Luna was getting pretty shaggy and feeling pretty warm, so one night I decided to trim her up. It started with just her belly and ended up with a two hour trimming session. It wasn't professional by any means, but she looks and feels a whole lot better.

Our good friends, the Gages, from Las Vegas, took a trip to Idaho to see their family. They stopped here for an evening and boy did we love it. We soaked up our old friends and spent the night laughing and talking. It was fun to see all our boys run wild and enjoy their company as much as we enjoyed ours. I love friends that are more like family.

We took Luna swimming the other night. To say she loved it is a stark understatement. She had a blast. We packed peanut butter and honey picnic dinner for the boys and spent the evening in the little marina. It was so much fun. Luna was far less than graceful, but had much more than fun.

We spent another evening on the ball field as INL hosted the Chukars game. As always, it was a good time, and Scott and I spent a few minutes pretending the four rambunctious boys next to us weren't ours.

It was a great week!!